KLC Events

KLC hosts a whole variety of events as we seek to embody our vision of fostering and nurturing Christian scholarship and public theology, rooted in spirituality and practiced in community. Some of these events include our regular webinars and public lecture series, the monthly meetings of the KRC, our informal KLC Coffee Times, the quarterly meetings and Annual Meal of the four Scripture Collective Seminars, as well as our summer KLC Annual Conference hosted in liaison with our partners. 

Upcoming Events in 2021

September 2021

Zoom Event: Thursday 23 September 2021, 5:30PM-7:30PM UK Time

Yahweh, the gods of the ANE, and Law: An Engagement with Psalm 82

October 2021

Zoom Event: Tuesday 5 October 2021, 5:00PM-7:00PM UK Time

Developing a Preaching Series on Creation

November 2021

Zoom Event: Tuesday 2 November 2021, 7:30PM-9:30PM UK Time

The Importance and Impact of George Steiner's Real Presences

Past Events in 2021

June 2021

A Reciprocal Response: Bartholomew on Chris Wright, Exodus, and Chris Wright on Bartholomew, Sinai

Zoom Event: Thursday 24 June, 4-6.30pm UK time – 11am-1.30pm EST

We recently hosted a rich event with Leon Kass on his commentary on Exodus. Chris Wright has also recently published a commentary on Exodus (Zondervan Academic) and in this event Wright will reflect on Bartholomew’s God Who Acts in History: The Significance of Sinai (Eerdmans, 2020), and Bartholomew will reflect on Wright, Exodus (2021). There will be an hour after each author’s response for questions and discussion. In the final 30 minutes Robby Holt will lead a reflection on preaching a series on Exodus.

KLC Weekly Reading Group in June 2021

Zoom gathering: Thursdays, 9:00PM UK time / 4:00PM ET, starting thursday 3 june, 1 hour max.

Following the completion of Leon Kass’ excellent book on Exodus – Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus – the KLC Reading Group will continue to dig into the book of Exodus itself and explore some key themes raised in Kass’ work throughout the month of June. We will then conclude with KLC’s virtual webinar featuring Dr Craig Bartholomew and Dr Chris Wright on Exodus on 24 June.


3 June: William Abraham, “Divine Action and Skepticism in the Book of Exodus.” In ibid., Divine Agency and Divine Action, Vol IV (OUP, 2021). Led by Meghan Roberts.
10 June: Reading Exodus politically for today (picking up some threads from our reading of Kass). Led by Craig Bartholomew. 
17 June: Demaracting Kass’s hermeneutic – Gary Cockerill has written up some of his own reflections on Kass’ hermeneutic. We will be distributing his reflections to the group in advance of our discussion and we should all come with our own reflections (you might read Dave Beldman’s reflections here). Led by Dave Beldman.
 24 June: Online webinar (via zoom) with Craig Bartholomew and Christopher Wright on Exodus.

The Reading Group is open to all interested and you do not need to have to have read Kass to participate, so please do RSVP below. 

An Engagement with C. Stephen Evans' New Book

Zoom Event: Tuesday 1 June, 5:30-7:30PM UK time

Søren Kierkegaard is one of KLC‘s favourite philosophers, and C. Stephen Evans is one of the world authorities on Kierkegaard.

Join us for a Zoom event with a major group of contemporary philosophers as we engage with Evans’s recent book: Kierkegaard and Spirituality: Accountability as the Meaning of Human Existence (Kierkegaard as a Christian Thinker) where Evans describes Kierkegaard’s contributions to spirituality – both Christian and more generally human.

May 2021

Full Circle: From Lament to Praise and Back Again

Zoom Concert: Saturday, 15 May, 7-9PM UK time

Leon Kass observes that “The artists are God’s prophets for the eyes. The beauty they cultivate becomes the skin of the good and the holy.” 

KLC warmly invites you to join us for our first Concert entitled Full Circle: From Lament to Praise and Back Again. Hosted in partnership with Deus ex Musica, this virtual concert will feature a smorgasbord of rich music, dance, drama, and poetry. Book your ticket now and join us as our artists help us to see and develop skins of the good and the holy amidst our current challenges. 

April 2021

On Founding God's Nation: An Engagement with Leon Kass and His New Book on Exodus

Zoom event: Tuesday 6 April, 5-7:30PM UK time

If you are looking for biblical interpretation that opens out onto all of life, then Leon Kass’s work is in a class of its own. We invite you to join us for a 2.5-hour zoom event to respond to this exciting new work, with an introduction by Leon Kass and a lineup of presentations given by biblical scholars and theologians engaging with the book. The event will conclude with a time for Q&A with the speakers and Leon Kass.

Founding God's Nation: Reading Exodus Weekly Zoom Reading Group

Zoom gathering: Thursdays, 8:00PM UK time, 1 hour max

Leon Kass’ new commentary on Exodus, Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus, published in January 2021 (Yale University Press), is a tour de force of biblical interpretation—an example of deeply thoughtful, academically rigorous, accessibly written, profoundly creative work that opens up the riches of the book of Exodus for contemporary life. Recognizing the uniqueness and significance of this achievement, KLC’s Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar is hosting a reading group to systematically work through Kass’ book and process his work communally. 

KLC Day of Prayer: Accompanying Jesus in Holy Week

Zoom Event: Thursday 1 April 2021, Maundy Thursday in Holy Week

We invite you to join us in spending the day in prayer as we accompany Jesus to the cross, and beyond to his resurrection. We will be hosting three moments of prayer on the day: Morning prayer, Day prayer, and Virtual Eucharist. Select Learn More to see all times and to RSVP.